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PostPosted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 11:40 am 

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Hi all,

First post here so hopefully I am posting this in the right place.

I've been doing the low and slow for a year or more now. I enjoy it and generally the food comes out nice (imo) however I can never get that really moist pull effect you see on the TV shows or in restaurants and I am not sure why.

I have read up in a few books and looked online and I believe I am following them how they do it but never comes out the same.

I'll give 2 examples of how I have cooked in the past.

Also my smoker is a Fornetto 18" Basso Bullet Smoker - Coals at the bottom \ water pan above it \ 2 racks on top.


Pork Ribs

In preparation I trim the fat, remove the membrane. I put on my rub and let it rest overnight (or I do it in the morning and let it rest for 4 hours or so).

I use heat beads BBQ briquettes, get the temp to around 107c/225f

Put on my ribs, bone side down and cook for 60 - 90 minutes (usually 90). I spritz it once or twice with apple juice

Around that time I try the toothpick test and it seems to go in easily.

After 90 minutes, I will either wrap them (2 or 3 times) in Aluminium foil or I will put in a mixture of brown sugar, melted butter and honey and place the ribs on top of that and triple wrap in al-foil and cook for another 90 minutes.

After that, I take them off and inside and remove the foil but they come out like a normal cooked rib rather than being moist/soft and the bone isnt able to be pulled out on it's own.

2nd example:

I did a Brisket on the weekend. It wasn't a big one (just the one you get from Aldi but this has happened with proper sized ones from the butcher) so I am wondering if this may be part of the problem.

Anyway, left the fat cap on (it wasn't thick) and prepared it with Worcestershire sauce and a rub. Sit overnight.

Prepared my smoker @ 107/225 - it did fluctuate a little between 225 - 250 but not much I don't think, put the meat in fat side down and cooked for 5 hours.

After I tested the temp, getting it close to 165f degrees.

Then I wrapped in it baking paper - I've never used baking paper before, usually use al-foil - and cooked for another 5 hours and it was about 190f when I took it off.

I let it rest for 30 minutes - this is something I am not sure if I need to do or not (or longer) and then cut into it. It looked like a well done steak (it wasn't tough to eat but needed a knife to cut into it). It was a little juicy near the fat cap but not moist at all.

The 2 above are based on some books I've followed - most of them seem to say the same temps/time anyway - but doesn't come out the same.

Does anyone have any suggestions or see anything obvious I am doing wrong? Any youtube videos I should check out maybe?

I tried to make this as detailed as possible in an attempt to gain some advice.


PostPosted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 4:46 pm 

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Hi Cayal,

I have been cooking on the 22 inch Fornetto Razzo since last November, i don't wrap anything so I can't comment on that, it seems like the ribs might be stewing too much when wrapped, maybe wrap for less or not at all, not wrapping will extend cooking time.

With the brisket, try resting it for longer, lightly wrap in foil and put it in an esky covered with an old towel for 1 or 2 hrs if you can, its a long wait but it makes the all the difference. I did two briskets for Christmas day and they were rested for 2 hrs in the esky.

For all cooks, i usually start spritzing/spraying after 3 hours and then about every 30-45mins. Are you letting the meat come up to room temp before putting it on the pit?

I'm sure there are more experienced cooks here but I have had excellent results on the Fornetto without wrapping (Briskets, beef ribs and pork ribs).

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