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PostPosted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 8:43 pm 
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pportmann wrote:
Don't worry edgy, I pulled the trigger on a YS480 a couple of weeks ago.. so there will still be some new 480 owners.... now just playing the waiting game :)

Congrats Pportmann, welcome to the yoder family :o

Looks of great yoder owners on this forum, you will learn heaps from resident experts Hector, turkey101 and badassrose and several other soon to be owners.

Welcome to the world of real low and slow.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 04, 2017 4:02 pm 

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Would you mind sharing how much you paid for the YS480?
I just got a quote 250% of the RRP on Yoders website (converted from USD to AUD of course)

PostPosted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 11:54 am 
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jds1 wrote:
Would you mind sharing how much you paid for the YS480?
I just got a quote 250% of the RRP on Yoders website (converted from USD to AUD of course)


I am the importer of Yoder into Australia.

I dont import many YS480 models as they come in the same size carton as the YS640 from the USA, so the international freight is the same. You will only save around $80.00 between the YS640 to the YS480

I can understand why some people think that Yoders are over priced in Australia, so I typed and email a while ago to explain, I hope this helps:

I will try to explain where the extra costs are;

$4,199.80 for the YS640 on standard cart is actually $3,818.00 + GST AUD

Based on the exchange rate $1,490.00 USD = $2,190.00 by the time the Australian banks provide “their” rate including bank fees.

So there is now just over $1,600.00 AUD difference between the US model & Australian model.

When we first imported the Yoder YS640 back in 2012 they were still 110V with a step down transformer inside them. Due to the US being 50HZ and Australia being 60HZ the YS640 didn’t work as good as it did in the US, in fact only around 80% as good.

Both Yoder & myself wanted the Yoder YS Pellet Grills to perform as well in Australia as they do in the US, so we worked with Yoder Smokers & our Australian government to fully convert them by Yoder to 240V and get them compliant for Australian electrical & safety standards. This took a whole year and tens of thousands of dollars by Grill Pro ( myself ) and Yoder Smokers in the US.

The end result is that the Yoder YS Pellet Grills perform equally as well here in Australia as they do in the US, unfortunately not without costs…

Because of our Australia compliance laws, our 240V control boards have increased in size by around 50% , so the stainless steel cover for the back has also increased in size. Our 240V Control board now has a transformer 4-5 times the size of the US 110V model which is more expensive. Also Australian models required heavy duty mesh in the hopper box.

Our Australian models now differ from the US models by having the following components 240V, Control Board, Auger Motor, Outer Fan, Inner Fan & Igniter Rod.

For the US models, Yoder order 2,000 110V Control Boards, Auger Motors, Outer Fans, Inner Fans & Igniter Rods at a time.

For our Australian models Yoder currently only orders 200 of each 240V component at a time. Our 240V components therefore cost Yoder a lot more due to numbers ordered.

Our 240V Control Board alone costs Yoder around $290.00 USD more than the 110V US one, due to size and numbers ordered.

Our 240V Igniter Rod needs a protective heat coating around the wires for Australian compliance and this gets applied by hand which costs more.

So with a bigger control board, bigger stainless steel cover, bigger transformer, hand applied protective coating around the Igniter Rod wires and supply from the US manufacturers of around 10% of the US 110V components our 240V Australian model costs a lot more than the US 110V model before it even gets dispatched from the Yoder Factory.

Remember that all these extra costs are in USD.

Regarding freight from Yoder, here is how it works;

Any pallets or timberwork that Yoder use needs to be manufactured from special heat treated & stamped pine, this pine is a lot more expensive than normal pine.

The Yoder Factory is about a 4 hour drive from Kansas City, then container loading is between 4-5 hours, so this makes around an 12+ hour trip for the truck driver who collects our 40’ Container by the time he gets back to Kansas City. Our container is then loaded onto a train for Long Beach, California where it is loaded onto a ship bound for Australia.

Again, all these costs are in USD, but this time converted by the freight/shipping company where they also make a % of profit. I have previously asked to pay the USD amount, but they won’t allow it until I order 100 containers per year.

When my container lands in Australia is has to go through Australian Customs and every time someone touches my container, new charges are added. On arrival into Australia the Australian Government invoice me for GST on all the goods inside the container which has to be paid in full before it can clear customs.

The container is then delivered to my warehouse in Adelaide and myself & 2 hired workers unpack the container ready for it to be picked up the following morning.

4 – 5 months previous I paid Yoder Smokers for the whole container order on my placement of my order and I still need to freight the Yoders to my Australian retailers costing more money before I finally get paid.

Yoder Smokers in the US have been absolutely amazing to work with throughout this whole process, I work on the smallest margins possible to bring the Yoder YS Pellet Grills into Australia. I have chosen only the very best Barbecue retailers in Australia to represent the Yoder brand.

I carry every spare part you can think of for the Yoders including whole hopper boxes containing all electronics. As the exclusive Australian importer of Yoder Smokers I make my personal mobile number public knowledge so that any Australian Yoder customer can call me should the need ever arise.

I hope this email explains where the differences in cost are from the US110V model to the Australian 240V model

If I can help you further, either before or after your purchase please don’t hesitate to contact me.

email: [email protected]

mobile: 0418 847 111

PS, Fleetz ended up changing his order to a YS640 on Competition Cart

Australian & NZ Exclusive Importers of Yoder Smokers, Louisiana LG Grills, La Caja China, BBQr's Delight, Mad Hunky, Tatonka Dust, Tappecue and Hammer Stahl Knives & Cookware

PostPosted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 1:56 pm 

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Great to here another Yoder is out and about I reckon I was more excited about getting my Yoderys640( had to wait 3months) than buying my first car

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