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PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 9:40 am 

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Just thought id give you guys a look at the results and really judge for yourselves. The term "its done when its done" gets thrown around alot but now i know why. For the guys burning stick exclusively, i can understand why you wrap. But for us novice folk using heatbeads and wood on the side theirs no benifit in flavor. I was forced to cook some "butts" hot and fast due to a number of reasons. New pit, people coming over and bad fire management. I really had no choice but to cook hot 'n' fast :D

Here are the results though. Given the ones in foil have been "resting" in an esky for about 10 hours, these pictures are the day after so ymmv. Also i had only one maverick et-732 monitoring the pit temp and meat closest to the firebox. So i cant give you temps but i can guarantee the "soft like buttah" test was done.

Hot 'n' Fast - Pit was at 300-350f, foiled around the 5 hour mark, and rested in the esky to carry over/keep warm till the guest arrived.

Image Image Image

Low 'n' Slow - Temps from 250-300f, no foil and cook till soft like "buttah".

Image Image Image

Moisture wise the HnF one wins hands down, but that's not to say the LnS wasn't moist. Still very moist but if i had to pick a winner it would be the HnF one. Bark ... yeah we know which one. Taste is the deciding factor. The HnF one had more of a pork taste to it while the LnS ... seemed like the smoke penetrated deep into the meat, Theirs a world of difference between the two, i don't know if you can see from the pictures. But the LnS after pulling looked a shade darker. If we didn't have people coming over i would have ordered pizza and sit through all 5 butts stalling. But tbh i dont think their were any bbq connoisseurs last night :wink:

PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 10:41 am 
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I'd say that 5 hours at 350F would've placed it close to the pulled pork temp anyway by the time you foiled it although I'm surprised that it was more moist than the low n slow due to the fact that the water molacules burst at around 66C internal...maybe you didn't reach that but I think it went well beyond.

The fact that it spent so long in the foil and esky would have been long enough to render the connective tissue to does stay hot for quite some time.....the internal temp would've shot up pretty high and kept rising for some time after foiling so that must've promoted the similar texture of the meat but the bark would've been soft and no texture given which the low n slow effect of long term naked(the meat not you :P ) cooking can promote.

This is a good topic as it can help others achieve similar if and when the time is tight......there's always more than a few ways you can achieve good results....sometimes even by accident ;)

Looks great by the way......glad it went well.



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PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 12:10 pm 
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Very good post. Interesting.

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